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Friday, June 18, 2010

Annual Fern Hike

It's that time of year again when the ferns are in season. The easily accessable spots are also known by others so I have to hit those spots at the right time to get some, and because they are a little lower in elevation they grow a little earlier, usually in May. I have a spot that's up at 8100' so they come into season mid-June, and also is a 3-mile hike up an 1700' elevation gain moderately strenuous trail, that NO ONE touches. I don't think anyone wants it THAT bad. ^_^ I just have to hit it at a right time, usually there's a 2-3 week window. In the past that time has been during the school year so I've always gone solo or with just Emi. But this year my trek is during summer break so I took the kids up with me.
We never tire of seeing Tahquitz up close. That rock's just got this presence, we always start off staring at it.

No matter how little, it's always good to come across some water.

That's Suicide rock in the back. Another one of those amazing sites we always have take a picture of.

Emi and Sage walked a little faster so they waited for us at the junction. Emi found a nice little "bed" to lie down on.

Ferns! Perfect timing, they had just started to come up.

Abby loves to help pick, and she does a good job too.

Skunk Cabbage. Nice and green.

Sage didn't really help with the picking, he sat and enjoyed the sun. I had packed my pack full thinking I'd be carrying it down. Surprisingly, Sage offered to carry it for me, all the way to the bottom. He looked like a turtle!

Total stats: 6-miles in four hours. 3400' elevation change. Two big bags of ferns. Glad I only do this once a year.

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Anonymous said...

The fern you are picking is Bracken Fern. Noted for it's carcinogens. While Ostrich and Cinnamon are good to eat, Bracken should not be eaten.