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Friday, November 30, 2007

Chess Club

Chess is one of the few things I'm really glad the kids picked up. It was something I didn't think Emi was ready for when she was younger, so I waited till about a year or two ago to teach her. Sage and Abby showed interest right away so I taught them too. Turns out Sage and Abby learned it really quickly and are actually pretty good. (Abby beat some 5th graders the other day.) They can both beat Emi which is really funny since she's the smart one. It's just the wrong side of the brain for her, I guess. They've been going to Chess Club every Friday morning at 7:15am, it's a bit early, but we make the effort to go. When we wake up it's still dark outside, at first Sage was all, "It's still nighttime!" (because he didn't want to wake up.) Playing other people will just make their game better. (Hopefully... that is the plan.) The Chess Club is the only place I help out on a regular basis this year. Something about their teachers this year makes me not want to really help out in class. Sage and Abby are normally pretty aggressive when it comes to chess, but in this group setting they're pretty reserved and hold back a lot. At home Sage talks smack a lot, but he's well-mannered at school. They're such different kids when they're outside of their home. They're planning on having the club all year, it'll be interesting to see how their game matures by the end of the school year. They have the potential to be really good.

David tagged along today and got a game in...

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