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Sunday, January 27, 2008

12 Hrs of Temecula #1

Headed down to Vail Lake for Jason's 12 Hrs. of Temecula race. We were watching the weather forecasts change from bad to good all week. It had snowed most of the week, but stopped Friday and Saturday so we could head down to the race. Temecula had 70% chance to rain to 30% to afternoon rain which didn't start till about 6pm, so for the most part, a nice day. David raced a two-man singlespeed team with Tony, who had a root canal the day before so he didn't arrive till noon. David did the first three laps, he was feeling good, so it wasn't a problem. This race was a practice run for me pitting for him at the Pueblo race in February, where he will attempt his first 24-hr solo race. I think we did OK.

Abby racing in the kids race. She's the one in the blue.
Emi's turn. She came in 4th overall, but was the first girl.
Here's Calista goofing around. She put a bunch of rocks in her pocket and was going, uuuaaahhh!
Having to be in the pits when David came in meant I couldn't run around taking pictures, so I only got this one of him.
Tony zippin' by.

Go Mary go
Emi finally got a chance to ride her new bike she got from Anthony. Her first geared bike. It should help her on her race in May.
The clouds rolling in, keeping our fingers crossed...
Abby riding Emi's bike. The bike looks so big...
The kids like hangin' out at bike races. They're looking forward to the Pueblo race in 3 weeks.


Polliwoggy said...

It's so cool to see that your kids have so much fun doing this stuff. I hope my kids will be that cool one day when they exist :) I'm sure with a dad as adventurous as my hubby they'll be just fine. I'm really looking forward to your Daring Bakers post!

Mother Bliss said...

Thanks. I think my kids just like to go places. Doesn't matter where. But it's neat to see Emi show interest in biking. We're getting them started early! As long as she doesn't get obsessed (like some people we know :) ) it'll be good.