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Monday, January 28, 2008

Highlight of His Life?

Singlespeed World Championships...the winner of the previous year gets to pick where it'll be the next year. Not quite sure, but non-Americans have been winning it, but someone from Napa, CA won it in 2007, so that's where it'll be this year. As you can imagine, David was on it, following closely how and when he can get in. What better time for it to come so close to us, David's riding really well. Registration was New Year's Eve at midnight, he couldn't open the form, so he just sent in an email instead, and crossed his fingers. Only 400 racers got in. About a week later, he got the good news, and came running in (I was still sleeping) and jumped on me with joy. He was SOOOOO happy. I'm really happy for him, and it'll be cool for the kids to see their dad in the world championships! They might freak out though, seeing a bunch of drunk, crazy guys (their dad being one of them...) but it should be a good experience for them. The only other person I know that got in was Siren Mary (congrats to her too), but some others we know will be there to poach the race and support David and PAAARTY! Anyone know of cool things we can do in Napa (besides wine tasting)?


Edward B. Gordon said...

thank you for the link, this is very kind of you !

all the very best to you

yours Edward

Mother Bliss said...

I think you're paintings are great. I graduated with a painting degree, way back when before family and kids. I miss it, I'm hoping seeing works like your will inspire me (and others who may be in a similiar boat) to start painting again. You're an inspiration!

hadie said...

hi ^_^ so I left a follow-up comment on my blogger but wanted to come here and say hello as well. lol That is fantastic news for your David and will be such a great experience for your family.

I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Your family do so much and I loved checking out the recipes. ^_^

hadie said...

Hi again. So I have to ask. ^_^ Is it possible to make Mochi without a machine, and what is needed to make some? Alyssa and I have been curious about this for months and I saw that you have several posts about it. I also read about your persimmon pickings in Pala... I'm sooo jealous!! lol Its one of my favorite fruits and I would love to have the opportunity to do that next time. Thanks for the info! I'm really enjoying your site the more I get to read. ^_^