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Monday, January 21, 2008

Stay Home Snow Day

No school today, Martin Luther holiday. Good thing too, since we woke up to snow. Driving in the snow really scares me. I had planned a shopping trip down to Hemet, but I wasn't doing any driving today. Just a few inches, so the snow shoveling was easy.
Tried out my new stove-up grill to toast some mochi for breakfast. I got a nice toast on them, which I can't really get with the toaster oven.
Our entranceway. I had gotten some bamboo blinds to put on the side to keep some of the snow out but missed the opportunity during the weekend. Seeing we are getting some more snow, although it was freezing cold, I put them up. My hands were frozen when I was done. Gloves just got in the way.
...and after. I like how it gives an Asian touch to our house. It makes it a little darker but hopefully will keep the snow and wind out and make the house a little warmer.

For dinner, I made some Kenchin-jiru (Japanese tofu and root vegetable soup.) Scrambled some drained tofu with sesame oil, added gobo (burdock root), carrots, daikon radish, and konnyaku (yam cake.) I didn't have any taro potatoes which normally goes into this, but still tasted great.

Also sauteed some lotus roots to go with our fish and rice. I hope it doesn't snow tomorrow. I need to go grocery shopping.

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hadie said...

ooh Mochi... is it very hard to make? Lily and I have read about it in some manga book and were curious about it. I've made my own version of an onigiri (seafood and nori is practically forbidden in my home and not my choice lol) in the past but would love to try some other Japanese foods.