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Friday, February 29, 2008

Creme Pan

For those of you who've never had creme pan before... it's this Japanese sweet bread that has creme (like the ones in creme puffs) inside. It is oh so good. It is one thing I always get when I make a trip to San Diego and go Japanese grocery shopping. I could never find a recipe online. I guess no one has translated it yet, or my search engine wasn't performing like I wanted it to. Till one day, I did a search on how to type Japanese on my computer. I had always run into 'error' when I try installing a language pack. Turns out, it was already on my computer, I just needed to go to the Control Panel and open it up. Now I can go to Japanese cooking sites and look up so much more stuff. A new world has opened up to me, and another reason to stay on the computer :) So anyways, I found a recipe for Creme Pan. Oh, I was so happy. However, most creme pan recipes are made in a breadmaker, so I did my best to take the ingredients given and make this roll by hand. The dough didn't rise too much, so it's not as fluffy as it could of been, but nonetheless it tasted like creme pan! Yeay! And the great thing is, the custard was made in the microwave, and I can put in a lot of creme instead of just a few bites of creme and the rest all bread.

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karenguiboux said...

this looks so good . . . send me the recipe when you get a chance. would love to try it and see if it taste like the chinese version of a creme puff. ours has cream or sweet red bean paste.