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Friday, February 29, 2008

Meet My New Ride

David had decided to move up to a larger bike, so his beloved W.U.S.S. went bye bye and was traded in for a Bianchi LYNX for me. He built it up for me, gave me his old W.U.S.S. forks (I'm learning bike parts), among other things, and turned it into a single speed. Now, I have told him in the past, I DO NOT WANT A SINGLE SPEED!!!!! I like gears, riding a bike should be fun, not work! He has this (evil) plan on turn us into a family of singlespeeders. Until Emi's recent geared bike, I was the black sheep with my geared bike, and he had tried to convert me many times. I KNOW WHAT I LIKE SO STOP TRYING TO CHANGE ME!! And then he brings home a single speed. Sneaky little SOB don't you think? Well, he worked on it a while, and gave me nice parts, and says it's now worth at least $1000. Holy cow, never did I think I'd be owning a bike that expensive (but to a bike connoiseur, that a CHEAP bike, can you believe it?) For those of you who know me, I ride my bike about three times a year. Just to go to the bathroom at bike races. I guess now I'd be cruisin' to the potty in style! But I'd hate to let this nice bike go to waste, so if we can find a flat trail that's not too long, I'd go riding. The last time I tried riding a bike on a trail, I lasted only 10 minutes before my knees started getting mad at me for putting it through hell. But as with all things, practice makes perfect. Who knows, maybe someday I'll even be in a bike race? (ha ha)

My bike, with Mary handlebars, supposedly really nice. It's kind of a waste for me to have this bike since I can't appreciate what's on it since I know nothing about what's good. It'll be like David getting a nice heavy duty Kitchen Aid stand mixer that he would use three times a year to make hummus. But it is a nice, pretty bike. Thanks David.

Oh my goodness, I am turning into David... I'm taking pictures of my bike!

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