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Monday, February 25, 2008

I've been MEME-ed

A strange thing happen to me today. I was tagged in a game of vitual tag by Polliwoggy. (It's called MEME.) The tag requires you to share five "random" things about yourself, and then tag five others. It's kinda weird tagging people you've never met, nor never will (?), and then learning stuff about them. But in the spirit of the game, and just in case anyone finds this amusing, here goes:

1) When I was 21, I visited my relatives in Japan where we went to a street fair, where you could scoop up turtles instead of goldfishes. Thinking this was cool, and not thinking about what I'm going to do with them if I got any, I ended up scooping up three turtles. They were the cutest things, really small, all three fit on the palm of my hand. So on the 10-hr flight back, I snuck them in my pockets, and periodically went to the restroom, filled up the sink with water and let them out. Amazingly all three survived, and I now had three turtles. They turned out to be red-ear slider turtles which ended up growing fairly big. Each one became larger than my hand. I got a mini kiddie pool and let them outside during the day to get some sun, and one day two were gone. We assumed a bird came by and scooped them up, one in each claw, and so I was left with just one. Then winter came, and the turtle went into hibernation. Since it lived in a huge fish tank, I took it out of the water, put it in a box with some towels, and let it sleep. I checked on it daily to make sure it was ok. Until one day I got sick, and didn't check on it for a few days. When I went to see it, it was dead. Boy, was I shocked. All I could say was, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" over and over to my dead turtle. And then I was afraid my dad would get mad for being careless. So my brother and I quickly buried it in the backyard under a bush and told him that it ran away and we couldn't find it. Looking back, what a dumb thing to say, that this slow turtle ran away fast enough for it to get away. I'm sure he knew but just played along. Since my turtle days, I've grown to have a liking for things that are turtle.

2) I was born in Japan (city of Oita, on the Kyushu island), but have lived in California since the age of 5, mostly in San Diego. I am the middle child of three, sandwiched by two brothers. Being one of three kids convinced me to have three kids of my own. And after all these years, I am still a greencard holder, a resident ALIEN. (I tell my kids their mom's an alien :) )

3) I have HORRIBLE memory. I will ask the same question over and over for I won't remember the answer (and really drive David nuts!) I can read the same (cook)book/magazine over and over and it will be like new each time. I wonder what's going to happen when I get older... I'll be one of those people who forget they forget.

4) Started off as a Photography major at SDSU, changed to Painting, have been involved with art most of my school career, and after becoming a housewife I do nothing except take pics of my kids.

5) Someday, I plan to hike the John Muir trail with David, a 211 mile trail from Yosemite Valley to Mt. Whitney. David thinks we can do this in 7 days (yes 7!) with the right training and the right frame of mind. (it has been done!)

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hadie said...

Haha! I'll do this for sure ^_^ We love turtles too. We own 2 of them ourselves. Both are Mississippi Map turtles but I think one of them is the "fake" kind. lol Unfortunately we won't be owning them for long as the room they are currently in will be transformed into a bedroom sometime this year. It's going to be so sad to see them go especially since, like you, we started out with them being smaller than the palm of our hands and now they fit in both (they are one of the smaller species of aquatic turtles).

I have a quick question for you... I checked out a couple of your bento links. I LOVE bentos!! So does Alyssa. I've talked to her about buying some but wanted to know if you know of any place I can get them at, locally or within 70 miles, without having to go online and purchasing them. Thanks!

Mother Bliss said...

If you ever have a chance to head down to San Diego, there's a store called Marukai Daiso in Kearny Mesa. It's kinda like a dollar store, but it's a $1.50 store, and some things costly a little more. They have bento boxes as well as bento accessories (like little soy sauce bottles, rice ball molds, cute cutters, etc.) My kids don't really use a "bento box", more like an oversized tupperware. And usually I just make it with dinner leftovers, but I've been looking at some books and am thinking about taking this bento thing to the next level. I do have two bento boxes, but since I have three kids, I really haven't been using them since they fight over every little thing. One day, though... also, check ebay.