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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Day

Yesterday was Emi's last AYSO soccer game. She did real well this season, being her first time on a competitive team (last time was in 2nd grade where she played "just for fun") and her team improved a lot from the beginning. She really had a lot of fun playing soccer which is a big change from the past where she never wanted to play soccer because it's "tiring" (can you believe a kid would say such a thing?) I'm glad it is finally over, running down to Hemet every week for games for 3 months was starting to take its toll. She is now playing on the middle school's basketball team where the school will provide the transportation. Sage is also playing basketball, but for a townhall league. Games will be about twice a week at night, but at least it's local.
After her game, we went and saw Santa. I could not believe there was no line! Maybe the key is to go at night. Emi and Sage didn't care to see him this year, but Abby wanted to so they got dragged into it. If I'm paying for a picture, all three of them better be in it! ^_^ Abby asked for a Webkinz, while the other two said they didn't want anything. Can you imagine a kid, aged 9 and 11 saying they don't want anything from Santa for x-mas?! Have I trained them well, or not? Ha ha. But seriously, I was surprised. I was telling Emi to say to Santa, the thing I want is for you to lose weight. Being overweight is not healthy, you need to start exercising. So I want you to get yourself a treadmill! Of course, she's too polite to say such a thing. But wouldn't of that been funny? But I did get her to ask how old he was. Santa says, I can't tell you because that would give away Mrs. Claus' age and she does not want anyone to know her age. Pretty good answer, I thought.

On the way home, we stopped by Hungry Heart where Wesley's shirts are being sold. Yeay, my shirts are in a store! Neat-o!

The next morning, we woke up to some snow on the ground. Not a whole lot, but the first real snow of the season. And it was cold too, 23*F around 8am. Brrrrr. And maybe there's more to come?

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