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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

I believe today was the first time since we've lived here that school was cancelled due to snow (but then, I do have very bad memory.) And this is our fifth winter. I was watching the news last night and it said 1-2' of snow. So even if we didn't get the call from school, I was kinda planning on staying home. It ended up snowing ALL DAY, with periods of blackout. The snowplow finally showed up around 6:30pm to clear our street only to leave mounds of burm I'll be digging out tomorrow. But we've gotten the heads up that school will be cancelled again tomorrow, so at least I can sleep in! Here's our street around 1pm today:
Looking at our house. My car looks like a big marshmallow!

Emi & Abby in our backyard.

Sage throwing a snowball at me. He didn't get me too often, but when he did, he was so happy!

Although snow causes some inconveniences, it sure is pretty and very peaceful.

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Velociraptor said...

Holy Bajoly!

That's a lot of freakin' snow! How's Dave been commuting?? We got a little over two feet here and another foot is expected tonight.. I wish I had snowboarding equipment. Sahr and I are planning to make snowmen tomorrow. Have fun!