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Monday, January 26, 2009

Men Without Gears

Can you say "Cheeeeesssy"? That was the name of David's singlespeed team for the 12-hrs. of Temecula on Saturday. Our friend Jason puts on these 3-race series every year and is kind enough to let us set up a booth. The weather was kinda crummy, cloudy and cold. Just glad it wasn't raining.

Man, what a long week I've had. Making shirts for this expo and my circuit boards came in with a bigtime RUSH job on it. Squeezed work in wherever I can, staying up working close to midnight, in between being a mom and driving my kids around. So when raceday finally came around, although I coulda used that day to work, it was nice break just sitting around all day drinking beer and laughing with David's crazy friends.

Manning the booth means I can't go out and take ride pics, just ones of the guys hanging out. Btw...nice socks! ^_^

The kids made some signs for the booth, Sage made one that says: "Be Awesome, Buy a Shirt" as quoted by Brendan, whom we've had the pleasure of having stayed with us for a week.

Here's some new designs that debuted that day. A pic of a Pennyfarther bike.

Anti Gear Hero... inspired by Velocitramp. That's David with his old W.U.S.S. sportin' the AA jersey lookin' all emo...

Can't leave out Bikeman... he's our signature shirt. In new colors...

And we even tried out some totes. Our next expo will be in May at the Idyllwild Spring Challenge. Maybe we'll add some buttons into the mix next time.

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