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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blueberry Custard Tart

I wanted to make a blueberry tart but most recipes calls for 5 cups of blueberries and I only had two. Then came along this recipe that only used 2 cups. Perfect. It was called Blueberry Custard Tart. Hmmm... custard...that sounds good. And so, here it is. The kids were so excited when it came out of the oven, it's looks soooo good! Can we have it for dessert? I guess I'm a little picky, but the tart was just alright. The crust was a little too thick and there wasn't enough filling. But hey, my tart pan is only 1" high so I guess I shoulda seen this coming. The custard wasn't too flavorful. I was kinda picturing a flan or something that tastes like a creme brulee. But the blueberries tasted good. Emi liked it, but then she likes almost anything I make. My kids should be food critics when they grow up. They just love to eat. As with most kids, they want to lick the bowl and my whisk/spoon, even if I had just made pie crust. Yuk! And get this, when I pre-baked the crust, lined with foil and I used dry beans at pie weights, they wanted to eat the beans! I told them, this won't taste good. But they still wanted to eat them so I let them. Of course, they spit it out! But it's funny how they always want to eat something I'm baking with. Live and learn...

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