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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Nothing But Play

We went down to San Diego to see my parents and go to the beach. The beach was really our primary objective since the kids miss the beach living in the mountains. So except for the last day were went to the beach everyday. Day 1: Mission Beach and Del Mar on the 2nd day.
Afterwards my parents took us to Mr. Sushi for dinner. Tony-san, a family friend owns the place.

One good thing about not driving is being able to take cool night pictures. We drove by Sea World's fireworks.
Went to Robb Field near Ocean Beach to play some racquetball and a new one for the kids, Butt's Up. We used to play this a lot as kids. David had never heard of this game, I wonder if it was a strange game. If you can't tell, that's Abby against the wall with her butt up. She has gotten three outs and we each had one shot to hit her butt. ^_^

Windansea, La Jolla .
Imperial Beach with David's mom. Look at this empty beach. Hmmm... is it safe to swim here?
Chargers Fan Fest at Qualcomm Stadium. A half hour of autograph signing and then watching them practice and scrimmage. Sage's friends Ben and Micah came down from Idyllwild and met us there.
There were so many people, Sage managed to get just one autograph. But I think he was happy just to be there. A good several days of fun and play.

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saffron said...

The beach looks wonderful! I wish I was there right now!