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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SSWC - Part 1

The Single Speed World Championships were in Napa last Sunday so we all went up north to see David race and see the freakshow. We headed up Wednesday so we can get in some other fun things. We did so much and took a lot of pics so the blog posts will be split up.
Day 1: Left home at 4 am to begin our 8 hour journey to Monterey...
Along Hwy 1, we saw a crowd of people so we stopped by to see some Elephant Seals hanging out.
Drove through Big Sur which is always a beautiful drive.
And went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Our last visit was pre-Abby, about 8 years ago. They've really made a lot of changes and was really neat.
The jelly fish exhibit was awesome.

How could I not take a picture of this? ^_^ It would of been better if I could of gotten him to stand there, but we were driving and he didn't want to stop. :(
After getting some beer and grub at an English pub, we headed over to the Dennis the Menace Playground where the kids got to run around.

Day 2: Drove north towards the Napa area. The kids had this fascination with the Golden Gate Bridge and really wanted to see it. It was really foggy for the most part and then at then end it was clear and sunny. Very strange...
If there was only one place we could eat at on this trip, David really wanted to go to Russian River Brewery in Santa Rosa. Good food and good beer.

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saffron said...

That sounds like so much fun! We did a lot of the same things last year, funny! We also went to the Denis The Menace Park way back when Wesley was 4. I just love the jellyfish! We had to stop and see the seals too, they were so still they looked dead. I wish I had gone to that tea house, that looks really neat. I'm very impressed with how much you did in SF. It seems to take so long to get anything done in the City. See ya soon!