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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SSWC - Part 2

Day 3:

Headed to Fairfield to the Jelly Belly Factory. Boy, the kids were excited about this one.
Some Jelly Belly Art, takes about 6 months to create.
Some strange flavors... makes you wonder if they've actually eaten the real thing first. And what made them think people would buy this? Satisfying a sick curiosity, I guess...

We had to wear these hats to go through the factory, although we were behind glass the whole time. Unfortunately they wouldn't allow any pictures due to privacy reasons.
The tour was very interesting. Did you know it takes 7-10 days to make a jelly belly, but only a second to eat it?

Afterwards we headed toward San Francisco. Crossing the bay bridge...
As requested by Sage, we went to AT&T stadium, home of the SF Giants. Paid an outrageous $9 for 42 minutes of parking.
Of course, he wanted to check out their gift shop, where he found himself a Giants baseball.
And lucky for him, as we walked out, there were a couple players signing autographs. We don't know who these guys are, so if anyone knows, please tell us!

And Emi wanted to see Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead)'s house in Haight Ashbury. It was a very pretty house.
Next stop was the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. The park was so huge, I wish we had a whole day just to check out the park.

We had planned on riding the cable car to Chinatown, but the line was way too long. It would of been dark by the time we got on one. And then we found an empty one parked on one of the streets so they hopped on for a pic. ^_^
Walked around Fisherman's Wharf and ran into Tiger Woods, Yao Ming, and Lance Armstrong. They must be buddies...

Pier 39 and the seals...
Musee Mechanique on the wharf. A cool retro arcade that had some old-fashioned games. I had heard about this place from a friend as a must-see place, so we squeezed it in. And the kids were glad we did. They probably could of stay here for hours...

Hearing parking was horrible in Chinatown, and the cable car option was gone, we hopped on a bus to Chinatown to find most shops were closed. We did find this cool tea house, who let us taste some different kinds of herbal medicinal tea. It was a neat experience.

A very busy, but fun day. I can't believe we got so much done in one day.

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