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Monday, May 19, 2008


If there is anyone our kids really enjoy, it is Dave Thompson. They LOVE this guy. After hearing he was coming by soon, they waited everyday, asking me "Is he coming today?" over and over and over again. And then he came. They were soooo happy. He is the only one of David's buddies that'll play with the kids and have conversations with me. It is nice since we all enjoy his company.

Playing mercy 2-on-1!
He had brought them some handle grips that they put his dreads through.
They were stoked they got something new for their bikes.

He also left me a pack. It happened to be like the one David has, just smaller. Now we'll have the couple look!


Polliwoggy said...

Awww, I love that guy! How adorable. I love the one with the handle bar grips on his dreds! I'm so glad you guys enjoy him, 'cause I know he really enjoys hanging out with you.

hadie said...

Hiya, did Dave let you know he got the one site for the kids up and running?