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Monday, May 26, 2008

Soy Moo

I'm not much of a fan of soy milk. It tastes "powdery" which bugs me. But I know it's good for me, so I thought if I made it from scratch that it would taste better. David and Sage like soymilk, so it was worth an attempt. It was fairly simple to make, check out the recipe I used here. The end result: it tasted really strong and "grassy." So next time I'll dilute it more and try a different method. The kids said it tastes like "liquid tofu." About 1 cup of dried soybeans made 1/2 gallon of soy milk, costing me less than a dollar to make. Definitely worth trying again, another one of those things that is so much cheaper and healthier making it at home.


Lunch Buckets said...

Nice soy moo, but GREAT moo bottles :)

toontz said...

Mother-Here is my method:

I make my own soy milk (with a machine) every two days.I bought a machine for economic reasons. I estimated that it costs me less than 20 cents a quart to make it. Some pointers:
Make sure your soybeans are not old. Buy them from a place that has high turnover.
I add 2 tablespoons of raw oats to each batch of soybeans before processing (makes it creamier).
After processing, I run it through a “gold” coffee filter to get rid of all the residue. Works fantastic!
I do not bother taking the skins off as I did not notice one bit of difference in the taste. And it is a real pain.
I add salt, vanilla and some kind of sweetener (honey, sugar, natural cane sugar, or brown rice syrup)
Let the soy milk cool COMPLETELY before covering it and refrigerating it. This will make a difference in the beany taste.
Storing it in a glass container will make it taste the best.
It will taste different than the store brands, but you do get used to it quite quickly. By my third batch, I was hooked.