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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Miss Smarty Pants

Emi made it into the Honor Roll again this year. Although we were in the middle of a storm, we made the trip down to Hemet for the ceremony.

With her BFF Mallory...

...and the Idyllwild gang.

I also ran into Dazed Mom, her daughter was there too. It was a little strange meeting someone I've only be in contact with online bloggin', in person. She seemed like a nice person, but I couldn't hang out and chat since my kids were heading outside to run across the football field in the rain. But I'm sure I'll see her again someday.

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Velociraptor said...

Congrats to Emi and Alyssa! You smarty pants!

Heidi said it was kinda funny to her too just meeting you for the first we gotta get you and the polliwog together!

Did you see the video with Marmu and all of our own snow in Flag'?