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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Things We Do for Family

It's fern season. I hike into our local mountains to pick some fiddlehead ferns (known as 'warabi' in Japanese). I went to one of my usual spots and it was the end of the season there. Most of them had already leafed out so I only got a little bit. Ferns have to be picked while they are still curled up. I had just missed it since I was too busy with work. My mom really likes these too, (she was the one who got me into picking them), so I try to get enough for myself and my mom and a little extra so she can pass some out to her friends. My usual spots are also known to other Asians who come up and pick them, so if my timing is off, they are all taken. But I have another location that no one goes to, and there is a field full of them. But... you have to hike in 2.5 UPHILL (1700' elevation gain) miles to get there. No wonder it's untouched. Last year I made the trek with Emi and got a couple bags full. We had hit the jackpot. So, although the little I just picked is enough for us, there isn't enough to give away. And so I made the hike up the mountain to pick some ferns for my sweet dear ol' mom.

I headed up Devil's Slide trail. This was my first real hike of the year.
Some beautiful flowers blooming...

Here is Saddle Junction. It flattens out a little here, and about a quater mile away is my fern field. Unfortunately, there were none there. It is higher in elevation here so they haven't come out yet. I'll have to come back in a couple weeks. I'll see if I can get someone to tag along. I felt like a donkey last time carrying all those bags down!

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