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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

This year was going to be the first year we weren't going to do a egg hunt at home and the kids weren't going to get baskets. They went to a egg hunt yesterday, and they already have a lot of candy. And they have so much stuff, they don't need more junk. Until Emi asks if we could do a egg hunt. She says, I don't care if they are empty, I just want to pick some eggs. Well, I guess we can do that, we do have some plastic eggs from last year we can use. So I go down into our storage room, open the box labeled "Easter" (in the past, I used to decorate the house with bunnies and easter stuff, and had still kept them), pulled out the eggs, and then I see some bunny stuffed animals. Hmmm... I guess I could give these to the girls, what good would it do packed away in a box, might as well put them to use. Luckily they didn't remember seeing them in the past!
The girls were so happy with their bunnies. I don't think I would gotten the same reaction if I had gotten them a basket full of junk...I mean, easter goodies.
Being a sucker, I went out and got a few things to put in their eggs. I color coded them so they were only allowed to pick their "own" eggs. I hid them so they don't have to move anything to find them, but hid some of them hard enough so that they have to look at it at the right angle to see it. The usual five minute (if that!) egg hunt lasted over 30 minutes. Now that's hunting!
Since Sage wouldn't be happy with a stuffed animal, I gave him my old football helmets (I grew up with brothers....) Some of them had logos on them that aren't used anymore, so he seemed stoked that he has something that you can't buy anymore (well, maybe on ebay...).
Our local supermarket is really limited on fresh fruits and veggies, so when I saw some mint I grabbed it. Made some tabbouleh with it, and ate it with some homemade tortilla chips.
Made some Cheesecake Topped Brownies. I love cheesecake and brownies, so these sounded really good. I wish I had doubled the cheesecake layer, you couldn't taste it too much, the brownie part took over. It sounded good, but I think I'll eat my cheesecake plain, and my brownies plain. This way I can really enjoy each taste separately.

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