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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hunting Without a License

Idyllwild's Annual Egg Hunt was today. The Idy egg hunt has REAL eggs, unlike many larger egg hunts. It really gives the egg hunt an ol' time feel. So as you can imagine, we end up with a lot of hard boiled eggs. Luckily the kids don't grab every egg in site as they're too busy looking for the "golden egg", which is actually the only plastic egg out there. Emi missed the egg hunting this year, she was out horseback riding for her friend's b-day.

I realize homemade cookies taste so much better than ready-to-bake cookies, but these were so cute and after it being on sale and my coupon getting doubled, it was only 50 cents so why not, right? The kids still enjoy them, and cookie cutter cookies are something I hardly ever make so I thought it was ok to cheat sometimes.

Meet the Rabbit Gang.

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