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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pinyon Flats

Our first family bike ride on my SS, well sort of... minus Emi. She went bowling and movies with her friends. David found a flat, short loop the kids and I could handle. We went out to Pinyon, about 40 minutes from Idyllwild.

Pinyon Pine trees. Kim Marcus had told me about these.

These are one (of about 20) species of pine cones that have edible pine nuts in them. Harvest is usually around August, they get picked before they open and the squirrels and birds get to them. But I found a few that still had the nuts in them. Kim had offered to let us tag along when he goes harvesting.

Found a mustard (I think) plant that was blooming. The flowers in the desert should be putting on their show soon.

The bike rode great, except I think I want to get a softer seat. My butt started to hurt :) . I don't have buns of steel (yet.) There was a campground nearby, we might come out before it starts getting hot. A lot of trails in the area the kids (and I) can ride.


Polliwoggy said...

Have David get you a women's-specific saddle if he hasn't already. They're fantabulous. It made a gigantic difference in the way my buns of jelly felt during and after the rides, and encouraged me to keep riding.

Mother Bliss said...

Thanks! I'll look into it.