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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wrap It Up!

Today's bento...wraps. Made with last night's fried chicken and some lettuce, a side of caesar dressing, cherry tomatoes and a tangerine. I had a wrap many years ago when they first came out, and for some reason it didn't taste good. My kids didn't like it either. So it became a food we never ate, until recently we had a chicken caesar wrap and a mediterranean chicken wrap from Trader Joe's. And it was delicious! And so, the wrap has entered our life. Funny how things work.
Yesterday's bento, tonkatsu (breaded fried pork), on a bed of shredded cabbage and carrots, rice and takuan, and mandarin orange segments. Emi's friend asked her what she's eating, and she replied, "fried pig"! That sounds bad, doesn't it? I guess it's my fault for when they ask what were having for dinner, I don't say "pork" but "buta-chan" (li'l piggies.) It's one of those times when a direct translation doesn't work. My poor kids, people are going to think they're weird (if they don't already!)

Also made some rolls a couple days ago. French Bread Rolls to Die For are what they're called. Oh, they were so FLUFFY on the inside, and tasted oh-so-good fresh out of the oven. When something is this fresh it tastes great plain.

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