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Monday, March 31, 2008

Meet Kuro-chan, Nori, and Kobe

We have some new babies in the house, three cute little chickys. We're on our way to having our own eggs. Currently, these chicks were the only ones available, they grow up to be black and white, and lay white eggs. (Jimmy and Lynn, if you're reading this, I was wrong. Color of bird doesn't determine color of eggs! ^_^). So we have these indoors for a few weeks till their feathers come in, and then they'll start living outside. After that, we're going to get three more chicks, Rhode Island Reds, they start off as yellow chicks but grow up to be reddish brown, and lay brown eggs. These chickys are soooo cute, they peep all day!
Emi named hers Kuro-chan ('kuro' is Japanese for 'black'), Abby named hers Nori (seaweed), and Sage's is Kobe (after Kobe Bryant.) At first his was "Shaq" and later changed it. I would definitely say that chick does not look like a Shaq! Besides, Kobe sounds cuter.
Emi has been really good at taking care of them. She's been hanging out with them a lot and cleaning their cage. I can see her getting attached to them already.
Abby's chick is the most hyper (like Abby...) and she doesn't like to be picked up. I'm sure after a while she will come around. Kobe is the mellowest of the three. She'll just hang out on my hand. All three are just so adorable.
I'm really excited we've finally made the first step towards having chickens. These guys won't start laying for about six months, but once we build the coop (hopefully within the next couple weeks), we'll go get older hens which will start laying right away. Yes, we are turning into hillbillies!


Infinite Cosmos said...

they are so cute!!! and i love their names!

saffron said...

Ahhh! They are adorable! How irresistible baby animals are!