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Sunday, March 09, 2008

My Dad's Influence

My dad was a sushi chef, he had been working around food for many years. He's a really good cook (my mom too. Growing up we had good food.) Often times when it was a special occasion, usually our birthdays or holidays, he would make make-your-own sushi handrolls for dinner. Monday, March 3rd was Girl's Day, and typically people eat sushi on this day. Since the girls chose sukiyaki, I didn't make sushi, but had gotten some of the ingredients just in case. So we had a belated sushi dinner on Saturday.
On the plate is some asparagus, kamaboko (fish cakes), tako (octopus), kanikama (imitation crab), cucumbers, avocadoes, and takuan pickles [and not pictured, squid, ume (Japanese salted plum) paste, and natto (fermented soy beans.)] Natto's one of the favorite sushi items for my kids. They would be happy with just the natto and nothing else.

Making the roll... placing my fillings on the rice...

Roll it up like an ice cream cone. Can't get it any fresher, the nori is nice and crispy (unlike pre-made grocery store sushi.)

Part of the fun is making your own rolls.

Oh oh!~ Too much rice Sage! They will get better with experience. Sushi is so good, we're fortunate we can make it at home.

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Mer said...

That looks like fun! :0)