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Monday, April 21, 2008

4 Weeks Old

The chickys are almost a month old. They are growing bigger by the day. They say around 3 weeks old they start developing a peck order. Abby's chick is definitely the head honcho. Nori is the biggest and the bossiest, definitely acts like Abby. They've been practicing flying in their cage. The cage doesn't have a cover so any day now they will fly out. Today I saw one fly up higher than the top of the cage, but just didn't fly out. Emi's seen one fly up on the edge. They are definitely scoping out the scene and planning an escape. One day we'll come home to poop everywhere...
They started developing combs and wattles (the red stuff under their chin.) Apparently the comb and wattle help keep the chicken cool in hot weather by circulating blood between them. And both the hens and the roosters have them, except the guys just have bigger ones. They should be going outside within in a few weeks, and we'll start with three more chicks!

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