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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What Up Dawg?

I made a shirt with our neighborhood dog, Joe, on it. He's this really cute weimaraner, until you go to his house. He turns into this overly hyper dog, and becomes kinda scary because he won't stop jumping on me and tries to bite (play?). I took his picture and photoshopped it, then added the text, 'dawg' to it. Dawg, is an african-american vernacular english term for 'close friend.' (Initially we were going to write, 'what up dawg?' thanks to Randy Jackson on American Idol, but that would of been too 'cute'). I don't own a dog (but I'm sure David will talk me into one someday), but they say a dog is man's best friend, so I thought that word would be appropriate. David likes it better without the text, what do you think?


Colette said...

With the text, definitely. It's so, sorry, cute! Love the shirt!

saffron said...

I like it with the text, especially with the meaning and all! It's very cute, glad to see your shop up and running!

Anonymous said...

Dig it!