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Monday, April 07, 2008


Another shirt for our bike line... Bikeman. The image is from a bike trophy David had won in the past, I just took a picture of it and photoshopped it. We're hoping to sell some this weekend at the 12-hrs of Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, NV. The one pictured is orange on a brown American Apparel tee whick looks OK. We've tried yellow and green also, but not quite happy. I've ordered tan and it's on its way. Hopefully that'll be the one. In the works is a "Pedal 1 Long" (our company name) text we're going to print on the back below the neck line.



Kinda reminds me of the Raptorman

Anonymous said...

Are you guys doing the expo at Bootleg this weekend?

Mother Bliss said...

No, David's racing, so I'm just going to walk around (or hang out at your expo?) and try to sell just a handful so see how this shirt selling thing will go.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Of course, you're welcome in the Siren tent.