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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Emi's 1st Crash

Emi rode around the block today with her friend and ate it pretty hard. They were going downhill and the cellphone was starting to fall so she went to grab it and it caused her to tumble over her handlebars, hitting face first into the ground. Oh, that must of hurt. It really scared her friend who saw the whole thing. But she was tough enough to make it home instead of calling for help. We put a bag of frozen edamame on her face, I think she'll be OK. All her friends will be asking her questions at school tomorrow.
She had problems eating, chewing was painful. So David made her a smoothie.

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hadie said...

aww poor Emi but what a trooper! And you know, she may look a bit banged up but she's still a beauty ^_^ I hope she is feeling better by the time she goes back to school.