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Monday, April 07, 2008

Oh, How Fast They Grow

...not the kids (well, not this time), but our little chickys. They are two weeks old now and they've gotten so much bigger given its only been about 10 days since we've had them. I can hear them running around during the day, and they've gotten more physical. Today they knocked over their water bowl and pooped in the other. (They're not the smartest of beings.) And after the newspaper laid on the bottom got all wet, they tore it apart like they were attacking it or something. Maybe they hate wet things? Hmmm, another internet search. They run around trying to escape when we reach in to pick them up, but once they're up, they calm down a bit (except Abby's chick. That thing is wild like Abby.) Emi's been trying to bond and tame her chick by hanging out with it when she can.

It's starting to outgrow it's chicky body and startin' to look more like a chicken.

Look ma, I got on bird on my head! Ha ha. Aren't you afraid it'll poop on you?

This is how they will look all grown up. Turns out they are an all-time favorite due to being great layers, cold hardy, and kid-friendly. We got lucky, since these were the only ones available.

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