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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finally At Last

Emi and Sage had some two-tiered bento boxes my mom got them a few years back, but at that time Abby wasn't in school yet so she didn't get one. Although my kids take bentos to school sometimes, I haven't really used them because Abby didn't have one and you know her, if she can't have one, no one can. So the last time I was in San Diego, I picked one up for her. So for today's bento, they got to finally use their bento boxes, filled with last night's homemade Chinese food, sweet and sour pork, and veggies (broccoli, bamboo shoots, and water chestnuts) in oyster sauce.

This one is Emi's, with Hello Kitty on it.
Sage's has a picture of a shrimp tempura on it. ^_^
And Abby's has some flowers on it. Hers is nice because it has clamps on it to hold it secure.
Our kids like boba drinks, and sometimes when we go eat Vietnamese rice noodles we get some Thai tea. So when I saw some Thai tea at a Vietnamese market, I got some and tried making some tea.
I made it warm with some condensed milk and a little sugar. It was a little on the light side, but it tasted good. I also got some dried tapioca pearls, so when I get around to cooking them, we'll be having a treat!

I was lucky to get a bag for $2.69, I've seen them online for about $4.89+shipping.

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Colette said...

MmmMmm sounds yummy! I love the bento boxes. I've been meaning to buy myself one but haven't had the chance.