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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lotus Root and Bacon Mixed Rice

Tried a new dish today that looked different, but simple and good. Mixed rice with lotus roots, bacon, and kewpie (Japanese) mayo. The mayo was what caught my eye. Never had I thought about eating my rice with mayo. Sounds gross, doesn't it? But I had some lotus roots in the fridge, and some bacon as well, it was a good dish to use up some stuff and an opportunity to try something different.
Sauteed some bacon, then added lotus roots till the bacon fat was incorporated all around. Then added some water, soy sauce, and chicken boullion, and cooked till the liquid was gone. Then added some mayo, and mixed well.
Then added it to some rice...
And mix... Simple but tasty. The bacon fat helped break apart clumps of rice. It wasn't too bacon-y, maybe some chinese snap peas steamed then cut into matchsticks would be a nice, fresh addition. I couldn't taste the mayo, which was a little disappointing since that's what sounded good, but definitely a keeper recipe.

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