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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Break 2008

This week was spring break for the kids. So we headed down to San Diego. I am going to cram a lot of pictures into this post! We started off taking the kids to the park with Teru. We played a little baseball and Sage played some one-on-one with Teru.

Next day was hiking at Mission Trails. We went in a way we hadn't before, so it was new and exciting.

The flowers were blooming everywhere. It was soooo pretty.

I really liked this route. Everything looked nice and green. I couldn't stop taking pictures, everything looked beautiful.

My dad asked Abby what she wanted to eat for dinner. She replies, sushi! So we had handrolls. Yum!

When we were packing our stuff, Emi had asked if she should take her swimsuit. Of course, I say no, the water is way too cold to swim in, I doubt we'll be going to the beach. Well, looks like I was wrong. So I told them they can just swim in their clothes. I was surprised they went in, despite the fact that the water was ice cold!

On the way home from the beach, we stopped by Pirates Cove to check out the roller coaster. Abby was two inches too short, and the short two minute ride was $6 per person so we called that off. No wonder no one was riding it.
So instead I let them each pick one thing to do. Emi chose to climb this palm tree. We were watching some other kids attempt this and didn't see anyone make it. So I was really surprised Emi made it to the top. She cried out halfway, this is hard! But she stuck it out. I was impressed.

Her reward, this really cute inflatable monkey. She named it Terry.
Abby rode a merry-go-round.

Sage didn't want to do anything so we let him play at the arcade.

Saying goodbye... they had a nice time full of activities.
On the way home, my car breaks down in the middle of nowhere in Anza. Called AAA and she asks what the nearest cross street is. I told her I can't even see one. I walked in both directions till I found a mileage marker. Some good semaritan stopped by to see I was ok, and gave me the info I needed. The tow guy let us ride in my car as he towed it since there was no room for all of us in his truck. The kids were having a blast.

Killing time waiting for the car to get fixed. My tensioner had broke and caused my serpentine belt to not work which overheated my car on top of causing many other things to stop working. Luckily my belt was still ok, and tensioner was replaceable in about an hour. We had decided not to go to Nevada for the bike race, something just didn't feel right. And after the car breaking down, it was like, now I'm really glad we didn't go. Imagine if this had happened miles away from anything. That would of sucked big time.

Came home to some packages with some printing stuff I had ordered for our next job coming up this Tuesday. They packed it in such huge boxes with lots of popcorn, it was like x-mas for the kids.


GracieBird said...

Looks like a wonderful spring break. Beautiful pics of the flowers, cactus, etc.

hadie said...

Sounds like the kids had a great spring break. I'm sure my kids wish they could say the same. Nothing turned out how we planned it. lol And kids crack me up with how much fun they have with the simple things that you would normally throw away compared to pricier items. lol