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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Daring Bakers - June Challenge "Danish Braid"

Sometimes I kick myself for procrastinating. One month seems like plenty of time to bake one item, but this month I almost ran out of time. This month's challenge was Danish Braid. A danish dough with apple cinnamon filling. I've never made danishes before, although I've attempted croissants once. It was a similar process, roll out the dough with a butter layer, fold, chill and repeat several times. I was very interested in this month's challenge because I dream of one day making that really good cheese danish. My first job was at a cafe and we had the best pastries. There are some that I haven't had that even comes close, even to this day, 10+ years later. Today I had a job I'm working on, but I didn't want to pass this one up so I squeezed it in! Came out of the oven at 10 pm and posting minutes before midnight!

Rolling the dough, I noticed it was a little dry. I added some water to get it to a workable consistency, but I think it was still a little on the dry side. I was hoping the bread would come out soft and fluffy, but rather it was crisp, like a croissant, and not as sweet as I had imagined. So in a way it was more like an apple strudel. But it was still very good. I still have half the dough left, so I'm thinking blueberry danishes with the blueberries we just picked. Boy, that sounds good. Take a look at my fellow bakers creations as well. It will inspire you to bake!


Rebecca said...

I used to make croissants from scratch every day for a bakery, and it's amazing how that muscle memory come back. Hope you find time to make the fresh blueberry danishes! Mmmmmm.

Miss Ifi said...

mmmm blueberry danishes.. can I come over???
Your braid looks amazing though I am sad that it wasn't as moist as you would have liked it to be.
Congratulations on another challenge down!!

April said...

The apple cinnamon filling sounds fantastic! Your braid looks great!

breadchick said...

Lovely looking braids! Well done.

Dolores said...

Beautiful braid! (if you ever open that cafe, count me in as a customer!)

Claire said...

Beautiful! Looks wonderful.