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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Triple Dog Dare - June Challenge

This month's Triple Dog Dare challenge: FRUIT. This was a hard one, since the stores around here and Hemet only care the usual apples and bananas and I couldn't find anything. But at a party, there was tamarindo juice. I think this counts, well, I hope so. I think this juice is sold at Mexican shops and restaurants, but I've always picked the jamaica instead. To my surprise, the flavor wasn't strong. Rather, really sweet. It tasted like sugar water with some plum-like taste to it. I think I'll stick with the jamaica.

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toontz said...

Thank you for participating in Triple Dog Dare. And yes, it counts! I have never tasted tamarinds, either. I actually am having a hard time finding a fruit, myself! Guess I should have picked vegetables for the first challenge, lol!