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Friday, June 20, 2008

Simple Summer Food

It's been so hot, we've been eating big salads for dinner. Here's our dinner from a couple days ago: homemade french rolls, and a chicken casesar salad with homemade croutons (you can't go back to eating store-bought croutons once you've made them at home. So much better, BELIEVE ME!) And since we go through a lot of caesar dressing I tried making that too. Found a recipe at Recipezaar, that had no anchovies (except what's in the worcestershire sauce), and although it called for eggs and olive oil, I subbed mayo, and it came out pretty good. A good basic recipe, not fancy at all, but works for us. And the nice part was that you throw everything in the blender!
Another great summer food, Hiyashi-Chuka (Jap. Cold Ramen noodles). For more info, check out my past post. So this was tonight's dinner, paired with some inari sushi. Looks so pretty, doesn't it?

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