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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Soy Moo Again & Okara Muesli

Made an another attempt at soy milk. This is one (of many) things I'd like to get right (or pretty close), so that I can make it regularly and my family will consume it. This time I used a recipe from Just Hungry, and used a little more water so the taste wouldn't be so strong and grassy. And I made a small bottle with some vanilla syrup, for the kids. This batch was much better than the last, and the kids said they can drink this and I don't have to buy them anymore (yeay!)
And with the okara (the leftover solids from making soy milk), I tried making Okara Muesli by Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen. This was different from any granola I've made, this one has yogurt in it. Very interesting. I assumed it will cause it to be more clustery, and not so loose. And it was. The flavor was ok, it could use some improvements, but it was very crunchy. It would be a great topping for some yogurt.

Turns out okara is a nutritional powerhouse, containing soluble and non-soluble fiber, protein, calcium and other minerals. It's even more nutritious (because of the high fiber content) than soy milk or tofu. The last time I made soymilk, I dried it and fed it to my chickens (they loved it), but further internet research led to numerous uses for this thing. One blog in particular, Okara Mountain, had dedicated her blog to okara recipes. She has even make okara pasta! The possibilites are endless...

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