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Monday, June 09, 2008

Lucky #7

Baby Abby is seven years old already. As David year closer to her graduating high school and leaving the house. Well, I wouldn't count on it... I bet one out of the three will hang out with us for a while.
One the things she wanted was Thai Tea. So she got that as her afterschool snack.

Emi made her a necklace. Nice, isn't it?

Her request for dinner was sushi hand rolls.
We got her most of things on her wishlist, a sketchbook, some making kit (so I got her a sand painting kit and a glass magnet kit), and a webkin. Everyone we know seems to have one of those. Basically a stuffed animal with a online code on it so you can create their house and play games to earn points/money to buy stuff. So we got her a Himalayan kitty. She loved it, and named it Fluffy.

For her b-day "cake" she wanted a flan, so I put some whipped cream and a cherry on top. Happy Birthday Abby!


Colette said...

Conrats to Abby for turning 7!

You've been tagged! Rules are on my blog

Colette said...

Same five questions as the ones that were posted. Thanks!!