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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Glass Magnet Art

One of Abby's b-day presents was this OptiArt Glass Magnet kit. They are half glass marbles, flat on one side, round on the other. It came with some paint so you can paint your own design, and the roundedness of the glass makes it looks bigger, like it's underwater. A glass craft book I checked out had this same craft but they took pictures and pasted it on the back for a similar effect. The kids liked this idea better so they went searching for some pics.

Abby made a couple with some chickens on it (hmmm, wonder why...), Emi found an alien drawing, and Sage, of course, chose a basketball player, Pau Gasau, of the Lakers (couldn't find a good pic of Kobe). We really liked how these turned out. Maybe we can sell these on Etsy... so I looked and there are a TON OF PEOPLE selling these. Since the craftmanship on these aren't too good yet, I think we'll make these as gifts. And when we get better, we'll think about selling them with our unique themes... like bike parts? (or chickens?)
It came with a magnetic sheet we cut to make rounds. The girls got goofy with the scrap pieces.

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Polliwoggy said...

Hahaha, the girls look so cute with that stuff on their faces! Thanks for tagging me. I just finished posting the answers. I hope you're doing well.