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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wish Granted

Abby's b-day wish was to go camping. So we went up Thomas Mtn. to a yellow post site (meaning primitive, no bathrooms, but free and no neighbors. What's camping if you're surrounded by the bunch of people?) Most of them were already taken, but luckily we found one and had a short overniter.

Mmmm... marshmallows. My kids are a little weird, they like them burnt.
Emi learning how to make pancakes...
And of course Abby wanted to do it too. But since cooks eat last, I don't think she can ever become a cook!

I try to get a family pic when we have our outings. Usually I only have one shot since David hates pictures.

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Colette said...

I like my marshmellows burnt too!! Haha