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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vermont Doughnut Holes

Donuts are a rare treat for my kids. There really isn't a donut shop in town, so unless I make them, they can't have fresh donuts. Donut are something I've wanted to try, but didn't want to deal with the yeast dough nor the rolling out part, since that meant I had to wake up EARLY to make them (not worth it...). Then I found a recipe for doughnut holes that was simple and quick, from the King Arthur website. Check out the recipe here. The kids thought they were good. They were nice and crunchy on the outside. As strange as this may sound, the donuts weren't sweet enough, so I rolled them in sugar. Next time I'll add more sugar so it can be eaten plain. But if you read the recipe, it does say it can be dipped in syrup as well as it being rolled in sugar, so maybe it wasn't sweet on purpose. ^_^

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hadie said...

ooh, thank you for sharing this post!! I've always wanted to make my own, but like you, didn't want to go through the long process or having to wake up early. lol It kind of reminds me of an infomercial I recently watched about this pan you cook pancakes in. lol Not your regular flat pancakes, but round ones... and they showed kids drizzling it with syrup. lol I'm definitely going to try this though. Thank you!!