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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Made the 3-mile uphill trek up Devil's Slide again, looking for some ferns. I was really glad to see some growing. Looks like I had just gone up at the right time.

Came across some skunk cabbage. I noticed some trash towards the middle of the field, and when I went to go get it, it was a popped balloon and string. It had flown over this way and popped. Imagine all those escaped balloons, becoming trash somewhere. It was a strange sight.
I got a nice backpack full. Boy, were my legs and shoulders killing me on the hike down. I tried dehydrating some to see I can store it dry instead of taking up space in my freezer.
I gave half to my mom, I had her drive out to David's work (a good halfway point for us), and she gave us some Japanese food goodies: pickles, furikake (rice seasoning), QP mayo, ochazuke (rice soup seasoning), memma (seasoned bamboo shoots), rice crackers, dried daikon, curry, umeboshi (pickled plum), green tea yokan, and ready-made rice in a package with rice from Hokkaido, Japan... just to name a few. The nearest Japanese market is 2 hrs away in San Diego (where she lives), and it's been months since I've been there, so it's always nice getting some goodies from her. Better than x-mas...

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