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Friday, December 21, 2007

HO HO HO! (Can I Still Say That?)

We made our annual trip to go see Santa. We were one of many lining up to see the man. He wasn't even there, he was on a lunch break, but we lined up and waited for his return. Emi didn't care if we went this year (she's getting "too old",) Sage didn't really want to go (kinda silly lining up to take a picture with a stranger, isn't it?), but Abby wanted to go, so we made the drive down to Hemet. We have yet to take a nice picture with Santa, with all three looking cute, but the pictures from the past are put out around x-mas, and they're really cute (and funny) to look at, so we needed another one to add to the collection.
Lining up suckered into the hype. Having kids make you do the strangest things...

Don't you think Emi's too big to be sitting on Santa's lap?

We saw one of those sign holders wearing a Santa outfit, so we look a picture with him. I shoulda had the kids hold his sign. That would of been funnier...

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Polliwoggy said...

Is anyone ever too big for Santa's lap? :) I never did that, that whole sit-on-Santa's-lap thing, so I have no reference. They do look incredibly adorable, though.