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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oh So Good

One of my favorite treats is Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate covered Caramels. It is soooo good. Usually around X-mas, I start craving these. Unfortunately, the nearest Trader Joe's is an hour away.

This year, I decided to try making candy instead of cookies for x-mas. Making cookies stress me out since I make about five different ones, all in one (maybe two) day, since they just taste better fresh. Candies can be made in ahead, and just have a longer shelf life, so I thought I'd give it a try. Of course, I had to try making dark chocolate covered caramels.

Made the caramels first. Rather simple, and very delicious. Came out a little on the soft side, next time I'll just increase the cooking time.

Then dipped them into dark chocolate. Since the caramel was soft, they didn't quite hold their shape as much as I'd liked, but still tastes great. Very comparable to the ones from TJ's. Usually when I'm taking pics of my food creations, my kids usually want to get in the picture. Here's Sage being goofy.

The kids ate them, enjoying every little bite. Is there going to be any left for us? Like they don't have enough candy...
This candymaking thing might turn into a new hobby... Up next, toffee.

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