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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Time

The kids have been counting down to X-mas. Abby made a bell with chains, everyday one chain came off, counting down the days till there were no chains left. She was the most excited, telling me everyday, It's X days till x-mas!

Coleslaw was on our menu for x-mas eve, but I didn't have enough mayo. I didn't want to run in town just for that, so I did something I never thought I'd do, make homemade mayo. I know it's simple but we don't use mayo often enough, so it would of went bad, so I always just bought one with preservatives. Bad, I know...

Fortunately, one batch made just a little more than I needed, so it worked out. It did taste different than the ones in the jar, but after it got turned into coleslaw dressing, I couldn't tell.

As requested by Sage, we had some BBQ ribs. David was nice enough to cook them for me. He also BBQ-ed some pineapples, a first for us, but we all enjoyed it. We also had some beer that tasted like root beer. It was 9% but didn't seem strong. I didn't quite get the buzz I was hoping for. But dinner was great.

For desert, was Emi's request...Carrot Cake. The cake was dense but not too heavy, and the cream cheese frosting wasn't overly sweet either. A keeper recipe.

We let them open their stockings, since we don't let them open their presents in the morning till Mommy and Daddy are up. (Is that mean? But I want to be there to video tape them!)

The kids left a glass of water and a tangerine for Santa. We feel he's probably getting sick of cookies that he could use something refreshing.

Abby holding a penguin Mushabelly she got from Santa. Besides that, she got a latch hook kit (that'll keep her busy for awhile,) some coloring books, and a jewelry box.

Sage got a Chargers football from Santa, as well as a Troy Aikman rookie card. We got him a trainer, so he can practice catching. That thing ended up bigger than I thought.

Emi didn't get her wish from Santa. She had wanted some roller skates. Instead, she got the new Simpsons DVD, the Harry Potter DVD, and a really cute doggie stuffed animal. We got her a beading kit and a quilter's basic tools kit.

I told David I don't want anything for X-mas. BUT...if you're going to get me something anyway, I want this cereal by Trader Joe's. That would make me really happy. Super Nutty Toffee Clusters, my favorite cereal right now. I had been saving a few bites from my last box since I didn't know when I'd be getting some more. He got me two boxes, so I'm a happy girl. It tastes great alone with milk, but really good with some Brown Cow Cream Top Vanilla yogurt. I've been trying to figure out how to make these at home. He also got me some Irish Creme, Carolans, supposed to be better than Bailey's. This stuff's liquid candy.

Sage playing with he new trainer.

The neighbor dog, Joe, came by. He's a cute dog. Emi and Abby are hiding under the trainer in the back.

Some X-mas Jello. There's Santa, a snowman, a sled, and a x-mas tree.
A nice, quiet, mellow X-mas. The presents were all opened within 5 minutes, then we just hung out the rest of the day.

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