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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Today's Goodies

We really like clam chowder, and always eat the canned Campbell's kind. For some reason, clam chowder seemed like something hard to make so I hadn't even bothered to look into it. Until recently, I saw some canned clams cheap so I picked them up, with hopes to making homemade clam chowder. They were actually pretty easy to make, my only regret was that I wished I had made them last night, since they taste better the next day. But I started them in the morning, hoping the flavors will have a chance to blend together by dinner.

I also made some big rolls of bread so we can have bread bowls. I doubled a French Bread recipe and it made six pretty good size bowls. I used to work at Boudin's Sourdough and I remember eating these and thinking how good they were. This might get me to give sourdough bread a whack.

The kids enjoyed it. They're first breadbowl experience. It was a little too big though...

Even Abby who loves to eat couldn't finish hers...

I also tried making Apple Coffee Cake. The name's a bit misleading, the kids thought it would taste like "coffee." It's called that because it's cake you eat with coffee. Can we drink some coffee then? No way! Why do kids like coffee? Emi actually likes the taste of black coffee. Yuk.
The coffee cake came out on the light side, not too sweet. The recipe had called for apple pie filling for the filling in the middle, but I used fresh apples tossed in brown sugar and cinnamon instead for the filling and the topping.

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Polliwoggy said...

Wow, those look pretty darn good! I don't like clams, but I've made fish chowder before. Maybe I'll try these bread bowls with that. The trouble with those types of meals (for me) is that they're usually only worth making if you make a lot, and since it's just the two of us, I have to stick with smaller meals. Especially since Dave's kind of picky, if I make a lot and he doesn't like it, it goes to waste. Anyway, bravo! That apple coffee cake looks great, too.