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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Kitchen Busy-ness

Made some Peanut Brittle for my candy gift bags. Tried two different recipes, the one on the left was Microwaved and the one on the right was made the traditional way. The microwaved one was really simple, except that when it was supposed to be done, it didn't have the nice golden color, so I zapped it a few more minutes, which overcooked the peanuts a bit. The traditional method asked for water as one of the ingredients. I thought that was a little odd, but my toffee recipe asked for water too, so I made it as it said. Not sure because of the addition of water, but that one came out a little lighter. The no-water one was sweeter with a stronger taste. Both taste great, and unless you compare them side by side, they taste like any ol' peanut brittle.

We needed some bread so I tried English Muffin Bread. I really wanted to try making English Muffins, but that required rolling out the dough, cutting them into rounds, and cooking them on a griddle. I didn't have the time, so tried the bread instead. Really dense bread. Should be good toast bread for the morning.

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