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Monday, December 31, 2007

Tamales! Ole!

Making tamales has been on my mental list of things to make for over a year. Usually when I decide to make something, I go get the ingredients (that aren't in my usual pantry), so that'll leave me no choice but to make it. I've had corn husks sitting around for a LOOOONG time. Sage enjoys tamales, so I finally decided to make them.
Pre-soaking the husks. One bag contained soooo many, just looking at it was overwhelming.

Testing the masa dough. Drop it in some cold water, if it sinks, it needs more liquid, if it floats, the dough is good. (Little tricks I found on the net.)

My production line.

Many hours later, they are FINALLY all done! Made 43 tamales total. I think we'll get our tamale fix for at least a year. The tamales tasted a little different, maybe the masa flour was a little old and starting to stale (from sitting in my cupboard too long), but Sage liked it. But given the amount of work and the final product, I don't think I'll be doing this again anytime soon. What to do with the other bag of husks...

Meanwhile...David took the Emi and Sage bike riding. Emi wants to try racing her first race, the Idyllwild Spring Challenge in May. The junior (and mom's) course is 6 miles long. I don't think I could even do it. Or as David says...I KNOW you can't do it. (Thanks a lot...) But Emi's tough, and with a little training, she'll be able to pull it off.
Pretty soon, Sage'll be racing too... It'll be cool for David and the kids be on team together some day...


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