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Friday, December 21, 2007

Only 99 Cents?!

I found a Venus Fly Trap at the 99 cents store. I had to get one. They're so cool, I knew the kids would trip out. I love that store. We poked it with a pencil to watch it try to eat it. Can't wait to find a bug to feed it. I hope it can survive the cold.


Anonymous said...

wow i bought the same product from my local 99 cent store except mine only had 2 traps and for some reason they don't close... which 99 cent store did you go to?

Mother Bliss said...

Went to Hemet, CA. I don't know if they still have them... but mine went dormant in the winter, lost some leaves and is starting to bounce back again. All the ones with the traps are gone, I'm hoping the new leaves will have them. I fed it a fly once and it ate it. I'd even close if I poked it with a pencil. If it doesn't look dead, keep trying!