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Friday, December 07, 2007

More Baking...

Homemade croutons...One of those things that just taste so much better homemade, but often don't make the effort to, and regrettably pay the consequences after eating one out of a box. They are so simple to make too... Toss bread cubes with olive oil and some herbs, garlic, and black pepper, then bake.

There's something about lemon flavored baked goods that never appealed to me. For some reason they just have this 'artificial' taste to them, so I never baked them either. Till one day... I had some really good lemon curd with my scone. Hmmmm, I wonder if a lemon bar tastes like this but on a crust. Curiosity won, so here it is. Not quite as lemony as I had hoped, but good nonetheless. Not too sweet and heavy. It gets better the next day, so I'm looking forward to one later today.

I've been trying to make my food pictures look nicer. A good picture can make it look so much tastier.

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